ABB was converted into the world's largest zero-polluting ferry for two ships

Recently, ABB received a contract worth about SEK 300 million to help the HH Ferry Company convert two ships into the world's largest zero-polluting ferry. The shipyard Öresund Dry Docks has been selected to perform the conversion work.
ABB was converted into the world's largest zero-polluting ferry for two ships
The two ferries modified this time are called "M/F Tycho Brahe" and "M/F Aurora". Both will install 4.16 MW of batteries in February 2017 and place the battery pack in the container.
It is reported that the first ship "M/F Tycho Brahe" will enter the dry dock in April 2017, and will realize full power operation after the modification. The second ship "M/F Aurora" will also undergo the same modification in October 2017.
ABB's retrofit project also includes the installation of four fully automatic shoreside charging arms, which are currently being manufactured at the ABB plant. The internal work of the ferry will be carried out in early 2017. In addition, ABB will deliver batteries, a set of energy storage control systems and onboard DC grid technology for the ferry. At Helsingør in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden at both ends of the ferry route, ABB will supply an automated shore charging station with ABB industrial robots to optimize charging connection times and maximize charging efficiency.
After delivery, the two ferries can transport more than 7.4 million passengers and 1.9 million motor vehicles per year.

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