Against the international giant Shaanxi Drum into the coal chemical industry

Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully developed a large-scale centrifugal compressor with independent intellectual property rights, and recently won the bid for the 200,000-ton/year ethylene glycol project raw material gas and finished product compressor project of Shanghai Jinmei Chemical New Technology Co., Ltd. . The successful development of this product signified that Shaanxi Drum Group entered the coal chemical industry.
Some have predicted that the maximum limit for the use of oil as the king of energy is 40 years. Then, 40 years later, what is a substitute for new energy in the future is undoubtedly the largest buried treasure in the underground, coal. The only countries in the world that currently have coal-to-oil technology are Germany, Japan, the United States, and South Africa. So far, almost all foreign companies that have technology have thrown olive branches to China... At the same time, the domestic impulse for coal to make oil has also increased.
Since 2006, almost every month, a coal-to-oil project has started construction in China. These projects have surfaced as a continuation of “coal-to-oil”. In fact, local governments and companies are actively planning coal-to-oil projects in each of the large-scale production of coal, and even some foreign giants are also taking advantage of the coal-to-oil market in China.
At present, there are still many controversies regarding the economics of "coal oil production" in the society. However, people in the industry believe that the application of large-scale centrifugal compressor technology with independent intellectual property rights successfully developed by Shaanxi Drum in the field of coal chemical engineering is of great strategic significance for balancing China's energy structure and solving oil shortages.
China's lack of coal and gas shortage
Experts pointed out that coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the earth's crust. If coal can partially replace oil, it will greatly ease the relative shortage of oil in China. In fact, coal and oil are all hydrocarbons, and the main components are carbon and hydrogen. Compared with coal, oil has mobility and is easy to transport, extract and use, so people prefer to use oil. However, the amount of coal that can be mined in the world is estimated to be 20-40 times more than that of oil. The supply period is much longer than that of petroleum, and coal-to-oil production is entirely feasible. Therefore, whether coal direct liquefaction has industrial prospects depends on technology and market.
First of all, at the technical level, taking direct liquefaction as an example, this technology was realized in Germany as early as during World War II. In the 1980s, Western countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan successively developed a new generation of direct coal liquefaction technology, and completed the design, construction, and successful operation of a coal direct liquefaction pilot plant that processes 100 tons of coal daily. . At present, the technical problems and major technical solutions involved in the Shenhua coal-to-oil project have been implemented and the “Shenhua coal direct liquefaction process” with independent intellectual property rights has been formed. At the same time, a 6-ton coal direct liquefaction process development device has been built in Shanghai, and the industrialization of “coal oil production” in China is proceeding in an orderly manner.
Secondly, from the development history of “coal oil”, the high cost has always restricted the promotion and application of this technology. Especially when the price of oil is low, the development of “coal oil” is more restricted. Calculated from the economic level, 3 to 4 tons of coal can produce 1 ton of oil, and the economic benefits are still feasible.
It is generally believed that if crude oil prices in the international market are higher than US$25 per barrel, coal-to-oil production will make sense. Therefore, with the current situation that international oil prices are operating at a high level, coal direct liquefaction technology has certain market competitiveness.
Prospects for the coal-to-oil market
Therefore, the market outlook for coal-to-liquids is promising, and the development and manufacturing technologies for its key equipment are also becoming mature. In the case of Shaanxi Drum, it has a 28-year history of designing and manufacturing centrifugal compressors. In recent years, after continuous digestion and absorption and technological innovation, by the late 1980s, a series of advanced pneumatic calculation software with independent intellectual property rights have been developed, and over 500 sets of various centrifugal compressors have been produced so far. We have reconstructed more than 50 large-scale centrifugal units at home and abroad, including: synthetic gas compressors, cycle gas compressors, ammonia compressors, oxygen compressors, natural gas compressors, and carbon monoxide compressors.
It is understood that the development of China's coal liquefaction industry prior to 2010 will be dominated by engineering development and industrialization demonstration. After 2010, with the gradual maturity of domestic coal liquefaction engineering technology development and the accumulation of engineering operating experience, the industrialization of the technology will enter the second stage.
To this end, some experts predict that by 2020 China's coal direct liquefaction total production capacity will reach 16 million to 18 million tons per year, and indirect liquefaction of total products can reach 20 million to 23 million tons per year, when coal liquefaction can provide domestic about 13 % of traffic fuel. If the annual production of 1 million tons of product production capacity directly liquefies an investment of 8 billion yuan and indirect liquefaction investment of 9 billion yuan in constant prices, by 2020 the cumulative total investment in the above-mentioned scale will be approximately 300-350 billion yuan.

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