Air compressor maintenance method

First, the air compressor three-level maintenance project

1. Replace the air filter;

2. Replace the oil filter;

3. Replace the oil separator;

4. Replace the lubricating oil;

Second, the specific operation method (the following operations must be powered off at the shutdown and ensure that there is no pressure inside the machine can be carried out)

1, replace the air filter

Remove the air filter cover tail screw, remove the outer cover tail, remove the air filter lock screw, take out the air filter, load the new filter, and replace the filter and cover in the reverse step.

2, replace the oil filter

Use a special tool to lock the bottom of the filter and rotate it in the forward direction. Use a clean cloth to clean the bottom of the filter and apply a little oil. Apply a little oil to the seal of the new oil filter and install a new filter. And lock with special tools.

3, change the oil

The method is the same as replacing the oil filter.

4, replace the lubricant

When the temperature of the oil is 30 to 60 ° C, the viscosity will be lowered and it will not be hot, and it will also drain the residual oil of the unit. Therefore, if it is cold oil when changing oil, start up and run for 23 minutes. When changing oil, make sure that the unit is pressure-free. First disassemble the oil-filled barrel oil filling nut and prepare the residual oil with a suitable container. Open the drain valve under the barrel and drain the oil from the hand to the front of the head to facilitate the discharge of oil stored in the head.

After the oil has been completely drained, close the drain valve. Inject new lubricants, and sometimes use the hand to turn the pulley on the head to facilitate the oil to be sucked into the pipe and the machine head. The oil injection amount is injected 2~3cm after being immersed in the oil level mirror (this is the empirical value, the actual oil level should be observed when the machine is turned on and loaded). After filling the oil, install the oiling nut and lock it, remove the air intake. Valve, inject a small amount of lubricating oil from the air inlet of the machine head, the oil quantity can be immersed in two-thirds of the rotor, and the intake valve is installed. Clean the surface of each part of the air compressor.

Third, the test machine

After power-on, directly start the air compressor, listen to the sound with no abnormal noise, check whether there is any oil leakage, and see if the oil level is suitable (the oil level should be observed when loading, the position should be 1/2 of the oil level mirror) Between 2/3) Otherwise put more and less.

After confirming that there is no abnormality, install the side panel and the rear side panel, and you're done.

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