Analysis of the use of forming blades and precautions for use

With the rapid development of the domestic manufacturing industry, higher requirements are placed on the production efficiency and product quality. The manufacturing precision of various types of parts is getting higher and higher, and the shape is becoming more and more complex. The application of forming blades is more and more extensive. Shaped inserts can be defined as non-standard complex contoured inserts, such as: profiled inserts, profiled inserts, indexable inserts, threaded comb inserts, and the like.

1. Application and Market Prospect of Forming Inserts The application of forming blades can simplify the movement axis of the machine tool and multiply the machining efficiency on the premise of ensuring accuracy. For example, a turning tool is a special tool for machining the forming surface of a rotating body. Its cutting edge shape is designed according to the contour of the workpiece. With a turning tooling process, the forming surface can be cut with only one cutting stroke. The operation is simple and the production efficiency is high. The accuracy of the forming surface has nothing to do with the worker's operation level, which mainly depends on the manufacturing precision of the cutting edge of the tool. It can ensure the consistency and interchangeability of the surface shape and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece being machined. The machining accuracy can reach IT9-IT10 and the surface roughness Ra6.3-Ra3.2.

At present, the forming blades have been widely used in the automotive, medical, hydraulic, rail transportation, energy, bearings, aerospace, watch manufacturing and other industries. It is believed that the market for forming blades will continue to grow.

2. Analysis of Formed Inserts As for the forming of the insert, as with other tools, there should be reasonable rake and relief angles. However, the shape of the blades of the forming vehicle is relatively complex, and the main section directions of the cutting edges are not the same, so it is not possible to grind the front corners and the rear corners in the main section of each cutting edge, but rather in the longitudinal section of the forming car blade. The tool is angled so that the rake and relief angles of the molded vehicle are specified within the longitudinal section of the tool.

3. Analysis of forming blade profile error The accuracy of the contour of the forming blade is the most important. The grinding accuracy of the forming blade profile is affected by the mechanical, electrical and abrasive wear of the grinding machine.
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