Asia's First Thousand-ton All-terrain Crane Put into Use

On September 17th, with the order of Mr. Qi Jian, Vice President of Sanyi Group and General Manager of Sanyi Crane Company, SAC12000, Asia's first 1,000-ton all-terrain crane, which was installed on eight large trucks, was smashed. Under the guise of fireworks, the Sanyi Crane Industrial Park was slowly driven out. It went to Shanxi and was officially put into use.

Asia's first 1000-ton all-terrain crane SAC12000 is the largest tonnage all-terrain crane independently developed in China. After three years of meticulous research and development by the Sany Crane R&D team, SAC12000 was officially rolled off in March 2010 at Changsha Sany Crane New Industrial Park. Its maximum rated lifting capacity is 1,200 tons, and lifting performance and lifting height are the first in the industry. In terms of technological innovation, SAC12000 has broken through the technical barriers of large-scale tonnage and all-terrain cranes such as the large-scale high-strength boom folding and splicing technology and single-cylinder latching technology, filling a number of domestic gaps and completely breaking the large tonnage of European and American crane manufacturers on China. The technology and market monopoly of the crane industry have changed the market structure of global wheeled cranes.

In July 2010, when Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council visited the Sanyi Crane, he was pleased to unveil the opening ceremony for SAC12000 and spoke highly of the scientific and technological innovation achieved by Sany. During the Shanghai BMW Exhibition in 2010, SAC12000 competed with the world's top crane manufacturers on the same stage, attracting the attention of industry experts and customers from around the world, and showing the world the charm of “Creation in China”. In July this year, under the witness of CCTV, SAC12000 successfully completed the ultimate suspension of the limit conditions of the all-terrain crane hanging in the industry; Sany thus became the first in the world's wheeled crane industry, and it was the first to exceed a size of over 1,000 tons. Tonnage limit hanging manufacturer.

After being subjected to the layered tests under simulated conditions and even under extreme load, Sany Crane SAC12000 was officially delivered to Shanxi customer Datong Yunfeng Heavy Lifting Transport Co., Ltd., and will go directly to the wind power lifting site for lifting operations.

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Mould Capabilities

  • Xinyu Mould At Glance

1.Year Of Establishment:2002

2.Location:2 (One Is Brand New)

3.Land Area:3600sqm


5. Equipment;CNC:18 (Makino, Toshiba, Liyang ), WEDM:10, EDM:9, Spotting Machine:2, CMM:2, Gun Drill Machine:2, Die Casting Machine:7, Others:50

  • Xinyu Mould Technical Profile

1. Engineers In 2d&3d: 16

2. Engineers In Cnc Programming:6

3.File Format For 2d: Dwg&Dxf

4.File Format For 3d:Iges&Step

5.Software For 2d:CAD

6.Software For 3d:Simens NX & Pro-E 

7.Software For Programming: Powermill

8.Software For Mould Flow: Magma 

  • Xinyu Mould Process Control

1.MES Process Control System

2.IATF 16949 Quality System

3.Well-Trained Operators

4.CMM Inspection 

  • Xinyu Mould Advantages

1. CAE Support Magma(Lid 18175001)

2.Rich Experience In Casting Dies For Auto Structual Parts,Powertrain;Oil Pan;Redirector; AC Compressor

3.Trial Run Machines Available In House From 160t To 1600t

4.Vaccum Venting System Application In Dies

5. Partial Squeeze Skill In Dies

6.High Precision Imported CNC(5 Axis)

7.Globalized Hr Concept 

  • Xinyu Mould Die Capacity

1.Max Die Size:2500*2500*1800

2.Max Die Tonnage:2500t

3.Biggest Die Casting Machine:1600t

4.Most Complex Die: 11slides

5.Yearly Capacity:350sets 

  • Xinyu Mould Marketing

1.Main Market:Na;Europe;Asia

2.Main Field: Auto;Telecommunication;

Lighting;General Machinery;Power Tool


3.Partner Offering After Sales Service:

Available In India&Us,Europe

4.Business Involved:

Aluminum Die Casting Dies

Aluminum Die Casting Components 

  • Xinyu Mould Commercial Terms&Conditions

1. Fob Ningbo/Shanghai

2.Payment Term:Tt

3.For Dies:50% Down Payment 50% Prior To Delivery

4. For Castings: 10% Down Payment

The Rest Within 30days After b/l Date

5.Leadtime For Quotation:2days

6.Feedback For Customers' Query:24hours

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