Henan Pinggao Electric Company developed the first 800 kV high voltage isolation switch

China's first 800 kV high-voltage isolating switch developed by Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd. was successfully off-line and safely delivered to the Yinchuan East Substation.
The company is committed to the development of high-end products with high capacity, versatility and high parameters. The 800 kV high-voltage isolating switchgear with independent intellectual property rights, which has been successfully researched and developed, has passed the strict factory test, and all the technical indicators have reached the bidding requirements of the State Grid Corporation, which has been highly praised by the supervisory party.
In recent years, the company has aimed at the market demand for power grid construction, and timely adjusted product development ideas and main directions. After winning the bid, the company will take advantage of the resources of the national-level technology center, and organize a strong military to carry out a strong research on R&D projects. R&D personnel take the responsibility of revitalizing the national industry and start tackling the problem in the absence of information and experience in the country.
In order to speed up the development of new products, the research team worked day and night, after repeated trials and tests, the performance and technical parameters of the prototype were mature. In order to make this new product into a fine product, the company traveled across the ocean to send the product to the Kama International Electrician Test Station in the Netherlands for testing. The test results show that all the technical indicators are up to standard.
It is reported that the company's 800 kV high-voltage isolating switch stands out in the bidding competition with its high technology content, wide supporting surface, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has won 6 sets of products.

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