In the winter, does a sewage suction truck drive a warm air heater?

In the winter, does a sewage suction truck drive a warm air heater?

Recently, the manufacturers of suction trucks saw a news. In order to save fuel, a truck driver was reluctant to turn on the heater, but the cab was too cold. He was actually wrapped in a quilt and put the car on high speed. When the high-speed traffic police saw this situation, it was as shocking as the suction truck manufacturers.


Suction truck manufacturers share little knowledge: open air almost no fuel

Special compressors such as suction trucks and suction trucks require the use of compressors for air-conditioning and refrigeration, and compressors require more fuel to operate. The principle of opening the warm air in winter is different. Instead of using a compressor, it uses the temperature of the engine's coolant to heat it, that is, it blows the heat released by the engine itself into the cabin through a blower. Although the operation of the blower requires electricity, it will slightly increase the engine load and thus fuel consumption, but it is far less than the degree of fuel consumption when the air conditioner is turned on in summer. This power consumption is very small and can be ignored.


However, when a special vehicle such as a sewage suction truck is started, or when it is still warm, do not turn on the warm air because the engine is not hot yet. The cold air is blown in, and it consumes electricity in vain and increases the engine load. Do not turn on warm air when you stop at idle speed.


If it is necessary to save fuel and heat, it is advisable that owners of special vehicles such as suction trucks and sewage suction trucks can open the outer circulation after driving to 40-50 yards (don't turn on the air-conditioning A/C button). The fresh air flowing through the car also passes through. The heater tank will bring heat.

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