Judgment step of failure of electronic truck scale

Judgment step of failure of electronic truck scale

Weighing instruments are a kind of measurement tools. Electronic truck scales are mainly used for weighing large and medium-sized trucks. However, the accuracy and efficient operation of truck scales are particularly important. As an electronic truck scaler, you often encounter problems with truck scales in your work. In order to eliminate and improve the efficiency of inspection and repair, we will share with you the judgment steps of the failure of the electronic truck scale. We hope to help everyone.

First, find the cause of the malfunction of electronic truck scale

Unplug the signal cable from the junction box to the instrument, insert the socket of the simulator into the instrument interface, turn on the power, and see if the instrument works normally. If the meter is normal, the fault is on the weighing platform. If the meter is not normal, it means that the fault is in the meter (the troubleshooting of the meter must be carried out by professional service personnel).

Second, the weighing platform failure analysis and judgment steps

First check the junction box, there is no water vapor intrusion, if there is then scrubbing with alcohol, and then blow dry with a hair dryer to clean the interior. Look for a short circuit in the wiring. In the junction box, use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the shielded wire and other lines and the weighing platform, for leaks and short circuits. At the same time, check whether there is any leakage or short circuit in the stainless steel shielded wire on the outer layer of each wire and ground wire or signal cable. If you find a short circuit, replace the cable. If there is no fault, follow the steps below.

1. Check the resistance between positive excitation and negative excitation with a multimeter in the junction box, and measure the resistance between the positive output and negative output of the total output with a multimeter. If you find that the resistance is wrong, continue to search.

2. Disconnect the sensor one by one. Measure the positive and negative excitation ends or the resistance between the positive and negative output terminals using the method described in 1 above to detect the damaged sensor. If there are no problems, keep looking.

3. Put the weights on each corner of the weighing platform in turn. If any of the corners is found to be abnormal, the pressure angle will detect the bad sensor so that it can be replaced in time. Or take off the +si, -si terminal of a sensor and measure the resistance under the condition of no power. Under the condition of power on, measure the DC voltage at both ends.


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