Kumho Tire recall does not look at advertising to see "efficacy"

From the CCTV report seriously questioned, arguing that "simple through the number of different compounds in the video to determine the illegal operation of our company is not accurate," and then publicly apologized in the CCTV program, and "this report to "We are very grateful and respectful" for our Kumho Tire's opportunity to re-examine its own. In just a few days, the change in Kumho Tire is undoubtedly 180 degrees. If you are sincere or honest, and you have no choice but to give in, you will not be able to make judgments at 1:30. What is certain, however, is that this apology will inevitably be a public relations media that has been forced by strong public opinion to regain consumer confidence.

Some people compare the tires in cars to melamine in milk powder because the quality of the tires is directly related to the safety of consumers. The fact that Kumho Tire was exposed to a large number of violations of the use of back-to-back sizing gels is only present in the Tianjin factory as its internal investigation shows? Is it because only a few management and supervisory personnel are neglecting to perform their duties? The public has still drawn a big question mark. It should be noted that there have been many complaints from consumers regarding the quality of Kumho's tires. In 2009, it was criticized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Is the Kumho Tire's problem really confined to the case that was exposed by CCTV?

Due to the need of crisis public relations, announcing the recall of part of the problem tires may create a precedent for the recall of tires. However, “doing it” is mainly to demonstrate a necessary posture. To “do a good job” needs to have a genuine respect for the interests of consumers. . If such a precedent is at best a "show", the meaning is actually very small. The recall of crisis public relations means must inevitably restore the greatest benefits with minimal losses. Therefore, for the announcement of Kumho Tire's recall, the public does not look at advertisements but only looks at the effects.

In fact, how to start the recall, Kumho Tire did not have a specific statement in the statement. If you determine the number of illegal batches that were recalled, not only will Kumho Tires be the finalists of your own account, but will also be based solely on the CCTV exposure material, limited to the exposure of the factory and the period of exposure, so we can only say that the CCTV reporter’s The efficiency of supervision is too high—the time and place of illegal production has caused him to happen to touch. In addition, companies are strictly producing according to the standards.

What's sad is that since the quality problems of Kumho Tire were exposed, in addition to the two rounds of response of the company turning 180 degrees back and forth, no quality inspection authorities have ever given any survey results. If the investigation of non-compliance issues and the determination of batches of recalls are all about the company’s self-talk, it has nothing to do with the laws and regulations, it has nothing to do with the law enforcement agencies, and consumers’ interests need to be effectively maintained. Who wouldn’t think it’s a dream?

Crisis public relations are temporary. Recalling tires is limited. Coping with public opinion can be perfunctory. It is unrealistic to expect the media to expose companies from the point of view of one exposure. The system can not keep up, public rights supervision can not keep up, the punishment can not keep up, law enforcement efficiency can not keep up, since the exposure is not the first time Kumho Tire, I am afraid it will not be the last time. Just as the production of fake and shoddy goods should not be a matter of recalling itself after the incident, the same is true of car tires that are directly related to consumer life safety.

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