PHNIX pool heat pump hot water machine series

● Durable: The use of advanced titanium water heat exchanger, to resist the erosion of chloride ions in water, the shell is made of high quality double-sided galvanized steel, durable.

● Energy saving and environmental protection: The heat pump technology can save 65-80% operating cost compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) and is environment-friendly.

● Flexible design and convenient installation: Integral design with compact appearance and small installation area; Separate design, air-cooled main unit and separated water-cooled auxiliary unit make the water system completely indoors and completely prevent the freezing in winter , Especially suitable for the cold climate.

● Use of safety: water and electricity isolation; no open flame, no leakage, to ensure personal safety.

If the car interior is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time which will greatly shorten the service life. People who use car Sun Shade can effectively prevent the dashboard from rapidly aging and UV burns. Car Sunshades can makes your car cooler in the summer. It can protect your car perfectly.

The window sun shade has 3 types: side Car Sunshades,front Car Sunshades and rear Car Sunshades.You can choice it depends on your requirements. Bubble sunshades sells best. We have both Single Bubble Car Sunshades and Double Bubble Car Sunshades. Laser film Car Sunshades are getting more and more popular now. Since it can reflect the sun's rays better. Besides single or double bubble car sun shade & Laser Film Car Sunshades, we also have PE Cotton Car Sunshades, Mesh Car Sunshades & Nylon Car Sunshades.

You should put the Car Window Shades reflective side out, in order to keep your vehicle cool while heat absorbing. The Window Sunshade is good to protect your vehicles interior from harmful UV rays. And it can be folded up to small size for easy storage.

Car Sunshades

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