Plant root image monitoring and analysis system changes the backwardness of root research

Compared with plant studies such as leaf area determination, root research is relatively backward, although roots are very important for plants, which not only support the plants but also are the plant's water-absorbing organs and organs that absorb salt, but because the root system Deeply buried in the lower part, it belongs to the “half hidden” of the plant, so it is difficult to accurately sample, measure, and observe it. In recent years, in order to change the backwardness of root research, Zhejiang Topsun Yunnong has launched a plant root image monitoring and analysis system dedicated to the study of plant roots. Its application will greatly promote the radical development of root research and change the root research. It is far behind the status quo of research on the ground.

Plant root image monitoring and analysis system

Traditional root research mainly uses methods such as excavation method, soil drilling method, soil column method, container method, and section method. These methods have problems such as large sampling destruction and large workload, which seriously hinder the further development of root research. . However, roots, as an important part of plants, play an important role in the biogeochemical cycle of ecosystems. With the development of modern precision agriculture, the importance of root research has become increasingly prominent. Although difficult, it is Efforts were made to eventually overcome the difficulties of root research with the use of plant root image monitoring and analysis systems, and proposed a more advanced and complete root research system solution.
The advantages of the plant root image monitoring and analysis system are very obvious. The system has a powerful root morphology analysis function, which can automatically analyze the root morphological parameters such as root length, root area, volume, root tip number, etc., large capacity, high efficiency, and high precision The information obtained from the root system is therefore very suitable for studying the monitoring of root growth, the physiological ecology of the root system, the study of stress resistance in the root system, and changes in soil particles. In addition, the plant root image monitoring and analysis system adopts the in-situ, non-destructive research plant root system, which can comprehensively analyze the plant root system and long-term monitoring of plant root growth. Therefore, its appearance not only fills the technological gap in the root research of the current agricultural research field, but also greatly satisfies the needs of modern plant root research work.

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