·What are the problems with China's new energy vehicles behind the hot?

In 2015, the development speed of China's new energy vehicles was completely beyond imagination. The favorable policies were frequent and the sales performance was full. The latest data shows that in 2015, a total of 379,000 new energy vehicles were produced, a four-fold increase over the same period last year. Among them, the production of pure electric passenger vehicles was 142,800 units, a three-fold increase over the same period of last year; the production of plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles was 63,600 units, a three-fold increase over the same period last year. The production of pure electric commercial vehicles was 147,900 units, an increase of 8 times compared with the same period of last year; the production of plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles was 24,600 units, a year-on-year increase of 79%. There is no doubt that 2015 is the "blowout" year for China's new energy vehicles, but whether the new energy vehicles that sell "blowout" have reached the moment when they can celebrate the victory. The answer is obviously no, there is still a long way for new energy vehicles. Going.

On January 13th, China Electric Vehicles 100 People's Association held a media talks. Chen Qingtai, chairman of the 100-member conference, and Ouyang Gaoming, vice chairman of the board of directors, appeared in front of the media and put forward their views on the problems existing in the development of China's new energy vehicles.

Chen Qingtai: The development of new energy vehicles is so fast that people are worried

Winning recognition China's electric vehicle technology should continue to progress in the process of maturity, from the perspective of basic technology, has been recognized by the market. Because more than 300,000 cars can be sold, users can accept it, indicating that our technology has a fairly basic foundation and has considerable basic conditions. Behind this, it is also reflected that the recognition of electric vehicles or new energy vehicles in various cities and the whole society is increasing, and potential users are expanding. This is very gratifying. This kind of technology can be recognized and recognized by the society to a considerable extent. This is very difficult, and this is a level that must be overcome. It also laid a good foundation for the subsequent development of electric vehicles.

Backbone companies are not strong enough

From the perspective of enterprises, everyone is very enthusiastic about electric vehicles, and their enthusiasm is relatively high. Of course, this imbalance is not the case. The original auto backbone enterprises are not effective enough and relatively slow. And like some late-stage companies, like BYD, it really does take the electric car as a long-term strategy of the company. Because of the problem of electric vehicles, in the "863" and "973" planning, the backbone automobile companies are all involved, and the depth of their participation is relatively deep, but when it comes to real replacement, it should be said that it is relatively More hesitant, stunned.
Of course, each company's strategy is different, and some companies need to take electric vehicles as an opportunity to achieve their own transcendence. Therefore, take his own strategy and make great efforts to develop. Some companies are still waiting, waiting for others to develop, I will introduce technology to others, this is not a strategy, each company has a different strategy, we can hardly blame others. However, from the perspective of national strategy, it is very important to hope that through the electric vehicle and the relatively small gap in international technology, new breakthroughs can be achieved. This is the national strategy.

Enterprises must lay down the technical foundation

In the rapid growth of production and sales, some people actually raised some concerns. When an industry develops rapidly, it is easy to attract the main resources of the enterprise to expand its capacity, thus ignoring the technical advancement in technology and ignoring how technically it is. Lay a good foundation and how to have stronger competition.
There is a media report that implicitly mentions such a problem. The production and sales of electric vehicles in China (microblogging) must be the first in the world in 2015, but the strength of the Chinese electric vehicle legion exceeds that of multinational companies? Obviously not. There is also a report on the reference message. This report was written by a German media. It is written that China's electric vehicles surpassed Germany. From the current production and market scale, we are indeed exceeding. This is nothing more than a German auto company that hasn't started to work on electric vehicles, and can't think that we have a technological transcendence. So in fact, we still have a big gap in the car culture, including the accumulation of electric vehicles.

If we are at this time, the radish will not wash the mud, and all the resources will be used for capacity expansion, and the prospects will be bad. Our technology has not passed the test. The reason why we have such a large sales scale now is the result of policy-driven, not completely market. In particular, in the field of competition with mainstream fuel vehicles, government subsidies have played a big role. If government subsidies are immediately withdrawn, I will basically finish. So it's not that our technology really has passed and can compete with mainstream fuel cars. Now we have not reached this level.
The electric vehicle market has not yet fully started. The road to competition in the future is still very long. If you can really get to the end, you can win here. It should be said that these companies will have good technical support in the future, instead of those who work together to create a new one. The car comes to a company where four wheels can turn, so I think if the company wants to use it as a long-term strategy, it must consolidate its technical foundation.

The companies under protection are only eliminated later.

Another thing worth noting is the issue of local protection. Although the Central State Council has spoken on several occasions, this issue has still not been completely resolved. The negative effects brought about by this are very large. Because when the market size is still relatively small, how to make all competitive enterprises stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to have an open market. The result of local protection is that competitive enterprises cannot get enough. The development, or the lack of competitiveness of the company, he also lost the opportunity to participate in the competition, both loses, do not think that to protect the local enterprises can be passed, not so simple, in fact, he is only under the protection of being late to be eliminated. It is hoped that the state should take further measures in this regard to solve this market segmentation problem in various ways.
Ouyang Gaoming: After 10 years, the car intelligentization pattern will be clear

The combination of smart car intelligence and motorization is the best way, especially for China, because the basis of our traditional car's automotive electronics is relatively weak, so the best way is to combine intelligent and electricized to develop intelligent electric car.

In this respect, it should be said that the newly entered Internet companies are basically more intelligent electric vehicles. Nowadays, everyone in the world knows a lot. Domestic Huawei, LeTV, Baidu and Foxconn are all entering the industry. Intelligence is grading. For example, at the beginning we may be assisted driving and intelligent assisted driving. This is currently popular. Not only electric vehicles, but all cars must be popular. That is to say, now we have many electric vehicles that have been brought. This feature, such as the new BYD car has.

In addition, the second level may be an Internet-based smart car. Now, like the BMW car that Baidu tested a while ago, it is based on the Internet, and there is no one's automatic driving. It is autonomous automatic driving. For example, there are also foreign countries. , no one's autopilot, the kind of Google. These kinds of situations will develop in the future, and the research and development angles will be done, but the application angle is definitely faster for the assisted driving. The network-based follow-up, and finally the completely autonomous driverless, has a development. stage. The intelligent car in the "13th Five-Year Plan" will be a hundred flowers, it is a lead-in period, and our intelligent driving will not be so fast.
China's electrification development, the overall industry scale is the world's first, technology should be gradually consolidated, overall the gap is much smaller than the fuel truck and the international, we are still full of hope. Adding intelligence again, after 10 years, from now until 2025, there is hope for a car to enter a strong country. In the process, I believe that Internet companies and car companies are a process of mutual integration. Internet companies are looking for themselves. Talents in the automotive industry, or mergers and acquisitions of auto companies, are also possible. At the same time, it is also possible that auto companies come to the Internet companies to find talents, or to cooperate, or to merge, this form has, this is a normal market competition, who is the deer, 10 years later, the overall situation is basically clear, now very Difficult to judge, this is an innovative five-year blossom. But in any case, this process will have a profound and far-reaching impact on China's auto industry and even on China's entire manufacturing industry.

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